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Good Luck Jesse and Steve!

Tomorrow morning, Friday 10th of August, at 05:15pm West Australian time (I am totally hoping I have time-converted properly!!), Perth Olympic athletes Jesse Phillips and Steve Bird will compete in their first Olympics when they take to the water at Eton Dorney competing in the K2 Sprint Kayak event.

Over the months leading up to the Olympics I have had the pleasure of getting to know both Jesse and Steve, working with them in studio and in their river environment here in Perth. I can only say nice things about these guys. They are the guys that are just outright, all round good guys, not to mention awesome models – just ask them!!   They deserve nothing but success in London and I will be awake and cheering them on tomorrow morning, sending all the vibes and energy I have towards them, as I know their support base in Perth and other places will be.

Earlier in the week, while watching the men’s 100m sprint, I noticed that they all had a “pose” that they struck when introduced.  I mentioned this to Jesse earlier this week and that I expect nothing less from them. Well guys, let me help you out there…….Good Luck!!!!!


Introducing the 2012 Black Ducks!


I am in the very fortunate position to be the Official Photographer for Wheelchair Sports Western Australia (WSWA).  I get to photograph amazing and talented athletes who have physical disabilities but who do not allow those physical disabilities to set them back.  Its very inspirational and fun!!

On Wednesday 11th of April, I attended and photographed the presentation of playing jerseys to the current Black Ducks, WSWA’s Under 21 wheelchair basketball team.  It is an extremely proud moment as an athlete to gain a place on a State team and the room was filled with huge smiles and a lot of pride.  Amber Merritt, who will be missing out on playing with the Ducks this year due to Paralympic commitments reminded the team of the opportunity that they have had presented to them, to wear their jerseys with pride and to play hard.  Words that very clearly resonated throughout the room.

The Black Ducks will defend their title at next weeks Kevin Coombs Cup being held at Challenge Stadium and we wish them every luck in this endeavour.

So without further delay….meet your WA Black Ducks (missing from below are Assistant Coach Nick Radovich and Captain Jake Kavanagh);

















Australian Irish Dancing Association Championships

The past couple of months have been littered with firsts…..first time photographing Ice Hockey, first time in Korea…..Now it is the first time I have been involved with Irish Dance!  I am honoured to be the official photographer for the Australian Irish Dancing (AIDA) Championships this weekend and tonight was my first night experiencing it.

When you think of Irish Dance you think Michael Flatley – well I know I do!  Whilst the dancing itself has been around for many a year, I guess Michael Flatley’s tour was really the bit introduction of Irish Dance to the general population.

It was quite different photographing it compared to other dance.  All of the expression of the dance moves to the feet so being conscious of what the feet are doing at all times is pretty crucial – especially since the “peak” of the movements rely on the feet being pointed or on the peak of the kick.  I also learnt that dancers need to learn to dance both soft shoe and hard shoe.  Hard shoe is reminiscent of “en pointe” in ballet although the shoes seem to be more flexible in the centre.  Soft shoe is more like a ballet flat and the moves focus more on flexibility when it comes to jumps and less about being on the toes.  To add to this, the first two rounds of competition involve two, sometimes more dancers on the stage performing to the same music but completely independently of each other – so being graded independently.

What I love though is the costumes!!  There is bling and diamantes galore!!  Not to mention the stunning curly hair that is part of traditional costume.

I am looking forward to the remainder of the weekend and I thank AIDA for giving me the opportunity following the retirement of their former photographer.  I hope I can do your dancers just as much justice as he did.


WA Super League Ice Hockey








Not having grown up in a really wintery country I haven’t really had the chance to experience a fast-paced ice hockey game in person.  Sure I’ve seen it on TV and the net,  but its just not the same as experiencing it first hand – would kinda be

like eating a meat pie in your lounge room watching AFL instead of being at the MCG.  This is certainly something that needed to change before I take on my photographic role at the upcoming Tange Cup.  So, on Sunday night dressed in thin socks, a pair of jeans and an ordinary jumper I headed over to Cockburn Ice Arena to experience my first live ice hockey game.

First mistake made!  It was freezing!!!  Having grown up in Victoria, I am used to a certain level of coldness but not quite like this.  I guess I neglected to remember that generally ice hockey = ice, which is normally synonymous with cold.  Mental note made that I would need more than just one pair of socks and a flimsy jumper to get me through the tournament.

As far as photography goes, the arena has a strange combination of lights.  There is very clearly both warm and cool lighting throughout.  This made things difficult white balance wise.  After fiddling around with the settings I found it was definitely better to customise my kelvin setting.  The other challenge was shooting through the netting.  Ice hockey rinks in the USA for example – yep I did see one, just no play – normally have either perspex or toughened glass surrounding the arena.

This is obviously to stop the puck escaping and causing imminent damage to whoever may be in it’s way.  Glass and perspex do present their own set of challenges.  Netting on the other hand, can affect the aperture at which you want to operate.  Another note made to remind me of this!  Other than those minor issues, I was surprised to find that photographing the game was similar to photographing LaCrosse.  It was fast, it had contact and you needed to account for the long extension, ie the hockey stick in this case, at the end of the athletes arm when composing the shot.  Right up my alley!!!

Needless to say I had an absolute ball and I am really looking forward to being part of the Tange Cup.  In the meantime, some of my handy work from the weekend…..










2011 Breast Cancer Care WA Long Table Lunch

Wow!!!  What a day! Yet another amazing Long Table Lunch!!!  Not sure if all my !!!!’s are getting the message across 😉  This is the second year that I have had the pleasure to provide my services free of charge and capture an amazing day and I tell you, the inspiration in that marquee today was overwhelming!

The 2011 Breast Care WA, Long Table Lunch (LTL) has become a yearly event since it’s inception in 2004 to commemorate the life of Pippin Bath who lost her battle with breast cancer at only 37 years of age.  Each year the LTL honours another brave woman who has lost her battle – this year that honouree was Vanessa Burton, a young mum and wife who was diagnosed during her pregnancy with her second child.

The day was a fabulous display of gorgeous red-carpet glamour, with VIP guests being met by Geisha Girls, origami competitions and cooking displays by Fraser’s Restaurant’s Chris Taylor.  The auction items this year were abundant; items signed by celebrities such as the Dalai Lama, Lance Armstrong and ACDC along with many items donated by local artists and businesses.  Of course the auction wouldn’t be an auction without the “Mouth from the South” Tiny Holly

The food served was to die for!  Some of Perth’s best chef’s, Rochelle Adonis, Chris Taylor, Graham Arthur and Stephen Clark, stepped up and donated their time to this worthy cause.

The highlight of the day however, was the emotional dedication provided by honouree Vanessa Burton’s husband Mike.  I looked around the marquee during this dedication to see so many tears.  Pink gerberas, Vanessa’s favourite flower, were delivered to those currently travelling their own breast cancer journey.  An amazingly a touching gesture at the end of the dedication.

I was truly honoured to be a part of the event again this year and hopefully for many years to come.  Will keep you all posted on how much was raised from the day!!

Wheelchair Sports – “Have a Go” Tennis Night

One of the most rewarding parts of what I do in my work is what I can give back to the community.  Late last year I formed a pro-bono partnership with Not-For-Profit organisation Wheelchair Sports WA.  Wheelchair Sports WA (WSWA) deals with the management of all wheelchair sport in WA and boasts a number of very successful state, national and international athletes.  They also make a point of educating and involving the public in what they are about.

Enter “Have a Go” nights!  These nights are not just about getting those that have a physical disability out there and active, the nights also provide an opportunity for able-bodied people to give the sports a go, with WSWA supplying the wheelchairs to do this.  This year WSWA started with tennis which saw around 10 people, both with physical disabilities and able-bodied having a go – my hubby included!

The night started with some coaching and practice on positioning and form and as everyone started to get the hang of it the games started.  I did note a healthy competitive streak displayed between Georgia and WSWA Sports Development Officer Joel Mackenzie, with Joel eventually trading his wheels back to his legs in order to get Georgia’s fine form back under control.  Sorry Joel but it had to be said!!  This kind of banter just re-enforced the amazing job that Joel and the team do with the sports and the respect that the athletes have for them.    Overall the night was a success night with everyone *mostly* hitting the ball in some way, shape or form.

The tennis program will continue to run through the month of March and if you have an interest in knowing any more about tennis or any of the other sports offered, contact Joel on 9440 4245 or via email,

Upcoming Course

Tomorrow, 30th of November, 2010, Camera Electronic will be hosting Steve Saporito and his course “Multiplying profits From Portraits”.  Steve has been credited with the success of a number of portrait studios Austalia wide and will be imparting his knowledge at the Northbridge Hotel between 10am and 5pm.

There are still spots available and if you have any interest in expanding your portraiture business then this would be one course to attend.

Contact Camera Electronic to book on 93284405.

Wheelchair Sports WA Partnership

I am very proud to announce a new partnership with Wheelchair Sports WA as their Official Photographer.

Wheelchair Sports WA are responsible for all functions pertaining to wheelchair sport in WA.  The Association currently has over 500 members.  This member base is inclusive of family and supporters of those who have been affected by a physical disability or any condition that impairs mobility or coordination.

My first meet with Membership and Participation Officer and three-time Paralympic competitor Justin Eveson, was a fantastic experience and his enthusiasm for wheelchair sports (especially basketball!) was evident from the outset.  He has every right to be – WA boasts some of the best wheelchair athletes not just in Australia but in the world!

In the capacity of official photographer I will be involved in the photographic documentation of Wheelchair Sports WA’s major sporting events, presentation evenings and other functions throughout the year.  As my first assignment, I had the great pleasure of photographing their 15th Annual Sports Star of the Year Award, a night that I was very honoured to attend.  It was an inspirational evening for me and I truly look forward to my involvement with the crew.

Check out the press release from the Awards night here

2010 Sports Star of the Year: Shaun Norris

2010 Junior Sports Star of the Year:  Madison De Rozario

Encore Morning Tea/Partnership Launch

It was a sea of different pinks at yesterday’s Annual Encore Morning Tea (photos below) hosted by YWCA of Perth at the Citigate Hotel.  Ros Worthington, founder of  Breast Cancer Care WA (formerly Breast Cancer Foundation WA) and Love Angel Foundation was the inspirational guest speaker for the morning and boy she made an impact!  I mean really, who better than Ros to speak at a function for the Encore Program, a program that is a combination of gentle exercises, relaxation techniques, information and support, designed for women who have had Breast Cancer at some stage within their life.

It was also a big event for myself with Ros officially launching mine and Skinovation Day Spa owner Jillian Marshall’s partnership with BreastCare wa.  As the official photographer for BreastCare wa, I will be assisting them with their businesses’ photographic needs as well as playing a part in offering a pamper package to their clients who are all travelling their personal journeys with breast cancer.  My partnership with BreastCare wa is a great honour and holds personal value with breast cancer having affected my family a few years back.  I am looking forward to the partnership developing over the future.

If you attended the morning tea and would like to arrange a copy of a photo(s) taken during the morning, please contact me via for details.