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Profile Published – Dhaka Daily Star

It seems I have caused a bit of a stir amongst the sports journalists here in Dhaka with my coverage of hurdler Sumita Rani.  On Saturday I was met by sports reporters and photographers at the Banglabandhu National Stadium following the opening of “Convergence”, the collaborative exhibition between Edith Cowan University and Pathshala South Asian Media College.

What was most amazing to see was that there was an increased interest in Sumita and her athletics colleagues, with the journos sticking around for part of their training.

Here is the article from the Dhaka Daily Sun.

PS – I have a feeling they may have done me a favour by photoshopping my black eye 😉

Convergence Exhibition

On 5th January, 2012 I arrived in Dhaka, Bangladesh with 14 other Edith Cowan University (ECU) students.  Every two years, commencing 6 years ago, ECU and Pathshala South Asian School of Photography join together for a workshop and then head out into the Bangladesh countryside to consolidate skills learnt and produce a collaborative piece in a series of small photojournalism stories.  This year was also the first year that multi-media was introduced into the program, under the guidance and tuition of renowned photojournalist DJ Clark.

My piece was always going to be sports based and if you read my previous post you will find an Athlete Profile on Bangladesh’s fastest female hurdler Sumita Rani – one very inspirational and determined woman!

The month here has been full of so many different experiences, ups, downs, roundabouts and swings but the end result of a collaborative exhibition “Convergence” opened on Friday 3rd February, 2012 at Drik Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh.   I was very honoured and humbled to have one of my photos of Sumita selected as the “face” of the exhibition.

For those in Perth, the exhibition will be showing in Perth at the end of March, date to be confirmed.  Of course I will blog and let you all know!

Convergence Exhibition, Drik Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh.