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Wheelchair Tennis Doubles Tournament

The fab group at Wheelchair Sports WA recently ran a series of wheelchair tennis training sessions at the Herb Graham Centre in Mirrabooka.

These training sessions resulted in a doubles tournament being played at the State Tennis Centre in

Burswood on Thursday 23rd of August.  Organised and run by the team at Tennis West, four very competitive doubles pairs took to the courts to prove who had the moves on the court.

Despite the fact that they *say* they had been practicing up until the tournament there were a lot of laughs as kamikaze balls flew around and team communications broke down…..note to Adam and Georgia: don’t play on a team with your “real” partner!!

In the end the partnership of Kim Robins and Sam Clarke ruled the night, taking out what is to become the Annual Trophy in the finals match against Adam Deans and Georgia Inglis.  Special mention from me goes to Jake Kavanaugh who I could swear believed I had a target on the top of my camera ;-)

If you are interested in having a go at wheelchair tennis the next session begins in November and is open to all – yes including able-bodied.  Contact Lindal at Wheelchair Sports WA;

Good Luck Jesse and Steve!

Tomorrow morning, Friday 10th of August, at 05:15pm West Australian time (I am totally hoping I have time-converted properly!!), Perth Olympic athletes Jesse Phillips and Steve Bird will compete in their first Olympics when they take to the water at Eton Dorney competing in the K2 Sprint Kayak event.

Over the months leading up to the Olympics I have had the pleasure of getting to know both Jesse and Steve, working with them in studio and in their river environment here in Perth. I can only say nice things about these guys. They are the guys that are just outright, all round good guys, not to mention awesome models – just ask them!!   They deserve nothing but success in London and I will be awake and cheering them on tomorrow morning, sending all the vibes and energy I have towards them, as I know their support base in Perth and other places will be.

Earlier in the week, while watching the men’s 100m sprint, I noticed that they all had a “pose” that they struck when introduced.  I mentioned this to Jesse earlier this week and that I expect nothing less from them. Well guys, let me help you out there…….Good Luck!!!!!


Colour or Black and White?

Its that moment when you are looking at the photos you have taken and you can see that they would look pretty cool as black and whites but does it really convey what you were trying to “say” when you took the photo?

I have this dilemma quite often.  I looooove black and white!  It reminds me of the original photography masters and a time when there was no choice.  You composed and saw your photo as black and white – end of story.  There are some interesting takes on why black and white is better or vice-versa; black and white indicates the recording of a historical event, whereas colour represents the contemporary, black and white also traditionally makes a photo “moodier” making it better for low light work, whereas colour is best for bright, sunny days and studio work, although the flip side to this last statement is that black and white can hide an over-exposed sky on a sunny day.

It is always going to be a debate.  Like Nikon vs Canon, Film vs Digital.  There is really no right or wrong answer as long as the work conveys what you wanted it to convey.  Thus reaching my current dilemma.

For a couple of years now, I have been working on a personal piece that I have not yet released.  Without going into too much detail (I could tell you but then I would have to kill you!!!), the premise behind it is based on mood and state of mind.  Now with this being said you would think that most of the photos would be black and white.  Surprisingly though, they aren’t.  In a lot of cases (not all) they are overly saturated bright colours, all are in colour and what may be even more surprising is the fact that all of the photos in this series have been taken at night.  That strikes out a couple of the arguments for black and white above!!

Last night I was going through some photos that I recently took in Varanasi, India, that may be included in the series.  Unfortunately, depending on the way you look at it, I think a couple of the photos look great as black and white which was not the purpose for which I took the photos.  Heres a couple of examples;











I quite like both the colour and the black and white versions for different reasons.  The colour does fit the bill as far as my project goes but somehow the black and white feels a little more powerful and eery.  The way I see it I have a couple of choices – keep them colour and consider them for my personal project or change my reasons/purpose for taking them in the first place and keep them singular.

Tell me your thoughts?  Do you have this trouble as well?  I’m not sure what I am going to do with them just yet…..maybe I’ll just have to sit on the decision for a while ;-)


Movie Set…….What Movie Set???

Loooong time between drinks on posts!!  I am back in Australia after 3months away and I will get to that adventure soon.  I have finally gotten a chance to go through some of the photos I have taken, albeit at 1.25am on a Tuesday morning and I came across this one.

There are photos when you travel that you know you will look back on in years to come and feel very connected with the time and place that you took it.  This story is about one of those photos.  I’m a sucker for animals, baby animals especially and in Varanasi, India there are plenty of them around.  At this point in my trip I was travelling with fellow photographer Karina Holland.  It is said that it is best to travel with another photographer when abroad because they understand your need to stop and snap away.  Let me tell you, I think Karina was nearly at her wits end with my animal infatuation!!!

We had headed down to the main ghat area in Varanasi which has the famous Ganges River running along the edges.  There were people everywhere – crowds upon crowds of people indicating that there was something going on.  Despite the crowds and the normal human desire to “rubberneck”, all I saw were these three little puppies on the steps below.  Channelling my inner Alex Cearns, of course I started to photograph them.  Couldn’t resist!

Next thing I realised, Karina was nearby laughing and photographing me photographing the puppies.  I couldn’t quite figure out why she was doing this, let alone laughing at me – I mean after all I had previously stopped at every other puppy along the way to no laughing.  For the first time since arriving at the location I took my eye away from the camera eyepiece and took note of what was going on around me.

No more than 100-200 meters away were massive movie lights, reflectors, clapper boards, make-up artists and the like running around.  The crowds had formed due to what appeared to be the filming of a fairly significant Bollywood Movie.  Karina was laughing at me because I had chosen to photograph these cute little puppies over a Bollywood movie set!  I guess I kinda see her point but in my defence I think my puppy photo is cuter!

Karina, if you read this and you are game, send me through the photo of me taking the photo and I will complete this picture ;-)

Convergence Exhibition

On 5th January, 2012 I arrived in Dhaka, Bangladesh with 14 other Edith Cowan University (ECU) students.  Every two years, commencing 6 years ago, ECU and Pathshala South Asian School of Photography join together for a workshop and then head out into the Bangladesh countryside to consolidate skills learnt and produce a collaborative piece in a series of small photojournalism stories.  This year was also the first year that multi-media was introduced into the program, under the guidance and tuition of renowned photojournalist DJ Clark.

My piece was always going to be sports based and if you read my previous post you will find an Athlete Profile on Bangladesh’s fastest female hurdler Sumita Rani – one very inspirational and determined woman!

The month here has been full of so many different experiences, ups, downs, roundabouts and swings but the end result of a collaborative exhibition “Convergence” opened on Friday 3rd February, 2012 at Drik Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh.   I was very honoured and humbled to have one of my photos of Sumita selected as the “face” of the exhibition.

For those in Perth, the exhibition will be showing in Perth at the end of March, date to be confirmed.  Of course I will blog and let you all know!

Convergence Exhibition, Drik Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh.