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It seems I have caused a bit of a stir amongst the sports journalists here in Dhaka with my coverage of hurdler Sumita Rani.  On Saturday I was met by sports reporters and photographers at the Banglabandhu National Stadium following the opening of “Convergence”, the collaborative exhibition between Edith Cowan University and Pathshala South Asian Media College.

What was most amazing to see was that there was an increased interest in Sumita and her athletics colleagues, with the journos sticking around for part of their training.

Here is the article from the Dhaka Daily Sun.

PS – I have a feeling they may have done me a favour by photoshopping my black eye 😉

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  1. Avatar for Mehedi Mehedi says:

    Great portrait Em !

  2. Avatar for Sue Dimozantos Sue Dimozantos says:

    Hi my little girl, what a great write up we are so proud of you. My hand is doing well and I’m able to use it quiet well now, just need to get the strength back. Obviously when this was photo was taken you still had a bit of a shiner. Hope it’s all okay. How are you going in India, haven,t heard anything so being a Mum I start to worry. What else have you been up to. Love your Mummy xxxooo

  3. Avatar for Sue Dimozantos Sue Dimozantos says:

    Just love this photo of you it’s hanging on the fridge at home and of course the write up is fantastic. Mum

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